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Two Quick Stops then Home at LAST!

Some of you may have been wondering how I went from Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico and off to Arizona so quickly? Well two things happened… First, I extended my stay in New Orleans because I was having too much fun, and also the Mayweather fight was on and I had to watch him win… Second, in Texas I got the stomach flu eating some good-ol Tex-Mex. So instead of just wasting the time sick, I just was the sickly passenger and slept most of the way till Arizona. Which wasn’t bad because it made up on some lost time due to extensions and traffic.


I also lost a few hours because I made an impromptu stop over at Bearizona, which is this cool way to see animals, it’s like a cross between a zoo and a safari where you get to drive and walk through different open inclose where the animals roam and wander. I ended up going around a few extra times because I just loved seeing the wolves and bears.

After Arizona, was a quick stop at the Hoover Dam, which I suggest stopping by when you are driving that route. It’s really an easy sight to see and it’s actually a lot, A LOT bigger than you expect!!!  


After that it was your usual Vegas trip, won some money, lost some money, clubbing, day parties, pigging out at buffets and nursing hangovers…

Then it was the drive home, and honestly it seemed so short, just compared to everything I had done to get to California. I missed out on traffic which is like a miracle, but it was nice to finally arrive at my destination, my second home… California!

How did I feel about the road trip… WOW IT WAS LONG!!! Luckily my family lives in Cali so I could stay there as long as I wanted, because I did not want to drive… In fact, I didn’t drive for two weeks, and in Cali that is pretty much impossible to do… Your practically born driving there.


Anyways, if you are  planning a road trip, definitely schedule in some unwinding and non driving time into your plans. I do not suggest a long road trip then back to the office the next day. Not recommended!

Also other things I learned, maybe do a quick google search of any extremely different road rules and regulations of the states you’ll be driving in, for example in NYC you can’t turn right on red but in California you can. So its always helpful just know the big ones like that, and also pay attention to the changing speed limits!

Okay the last tip I have for road trips is, grab a friend and make it a party! Seriously though, I don’t think I could have done this drive alone, and honestly even though I literally travel the world alone,  this is one trip I wouldn’t have enjoyed alone! Also, it would have taken much much longer because driving all those hours consistently is brutal! I wouldn’t wish that on anyone and honestly I have a newfound respect for long haul truck drivers!

With that being said, I have successfully driven across the United States, and might I add…. WITHOUT ONE SPEEDING TICKET!!!! (I hope that doesn’t jinx me hahah) I now have one less item on my bucket list!

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  • Nicolle Dan

    Road trips have always been in my plans and reading all you wrote here, I am definitely going on a road trip early next year, hoover dam looks nice…I love road trips.

    • Dee

      Road trips are a lot of fun, good luck on yours! Let me know where you go =)

  • Jane1010

    Thanks for taking the time to type up your blog everyday. I look forward to reading it a lot.

    • Dee

      Thanks! glad you enjoy!

  • Nick Bates

    That Bearizona sounds so darn cool! Do you have some sort of a guide that walks with you or are you by yourself when doing this? I would love to see bears and wolves up close but I wouldn’t know what to do if one of them decides I look tasty :))!

    Had a chance to visit Hoover Dam a few years back and was very impressed with the immensity of the place. It’s one thing to see it on TV and a totally different experience to see it in person.

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