New Orleans, New Orleans how sweet the sounds! I have always wanted to go to NoLa, ever since I heard about there Mardi Gras and of course because of the french influence as I love French culture since experiencing it during my study abroad in Paris. So did New Orleans live up to my imagination? plantationYES, and then some!  I stayed at a few hotels during the entire stay, and I would definitely say, take the hit and stay at a hotel close to where the action is. I  know it can be expensive (especially if you go during Jazz Fest like I did), and may break the budget you initially thought of, but it really is just so much more convenient and fun! It takes a lot of the hassle, and stress out of enjoying the night life!

So, what did I see there and what made it so fun?

Tours, I did go on a few tours during this stay, which turned out to be really great and I  highly recommend them.bayou-tree

Bauyou – Now, I have done the everglades in Florida so I do have something to compare the Bayou to and personally, I think the Bayou takes the cake!    I think we kind of expect this marshy land, which it is but you don’t imagine the beauty, I mean it really has the feel of like a green wonderland. It’s such a rich green, it just makes you feel so alive, nature has once again left me with no words to describe her beauty as I watched the little green dots that covered the water spread as my boat passed through them.
The way the native trees had evolved and sprout knee’s to supply the roots with enough oxygen to thrive. Or how the wild life made such integrated circles of life right in from of us. From a snake eating a mouse, to the owl catching a snake to the baby alligators trying to grow into there predatory peek, I was in awe. It may be “swamp land” but take a look deeper I snide and you really will be peasantry surprised.

bayouOak Alley Plantation  – Also worth the visit, the “big house” at
Oak Plantation is actually a pretty famous plantation and you have seen it in many motives, music videos and its a actually oddly a popularly wedding place. I personally wouldn’t really want to get married where  hundreds of people had been enslaved in inhumane living conditions to celebrate the start of my new life with someone. I just like its bad ju ju but hey, to each there own I guess.

The tour is definitely awesome though, you get to go through all the rooms, learn about that period of american culture and history as if you ask the guards they may tell you a few stories about personal experiences there because many of the employees have had “haunted” experiences there but thats not part of the official tour.

Another thing, I liked about this plantation was there was a part that you could walk through at your own pace and they actually still have the slaves houses, so you can get a vivid idea of how slaves lived, they even have original documentation from the house and records of the slaves.  As you walk through the houses, there is information there that you can read along and honestly I typically don’t read every thing but these were short, sweet and very informative so i’d definitely make time for it.

Laura Plantation – Now this is a more lively plantation, the “big house” is colorfully decorated in the Creole colors and styles and has some interesting history.                                                                                                                                  The tour guide here was also one of the best tour guides I have had in  awhile, she was sooooo lively and excited to tell us the history, it really got you amped to be out in the south in the middle of a hot day! **

gaterNightlife – whats New Orleans with out the partying? Now after talking to the locals, Bourbon street is definitely defined as the “touristy” street. Being a New Yorker, I hate touristy spots, we literally avoid Time Square at all costs ….. BUT IT’S JUST SO DAMN FUN!!!!! I’ll gladly be a tourist in New Orleans haha I literally went there every night except the first night because I was too exhausted from the driving to do anything but curl up in my comfy hotel bed and sleep. Whats so great about it? Well, its pretty much like a block party and rows of great music joints, food spots and dancing clubs or you can just eat, drink and dance in the street! So many options, so much fun and it’s all open to late! Which great, because compared to NYC a lot of places shut things down early, even LA starts winding down at 1-2am but not NoLa. If you still have energy to party, there is something open for you to do! I did also diversify my fun and visit Frenchman’s street (a more local hangout) and explore the rest of the french quarter. I also walked around the financial district, and the mall and restaurants right near the water which was a nice walk. Also took some time to gamble (and WIN) at Harrah’s all in all a very stop and I will definitely be visiting again!

All in all…. Go visit New Orleans!

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  • Jane1010

    want more, I love this kind of informative Blog.

    • Dee

      More to come!!! New posts weekly!

  • Caroline

    Honestly, I wasn’t very inspired by the pictures of the Bauyou I saw online so I didn’t have a positive image of it but you’ve seemed to have had a lot of fun there so maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye. And I also visited the everglades in Florida and loved them so if this is even more beautiful then maybe I should go and see it.

    Did you perhaps do a video of the place? It would be interesting to see it but there’s nothing about this on your Youtube account.

    • Dee

      I did have a great time and there is definitely a lot of hidden beauty in the Bauyou and is worth a little exploring! I have the videos coming soon, I actually just posted a video while visiting California! Check it out here =)

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