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My Neglected Neighbor – Arizona

When thinking about Arizona, well okay let me be honest I never ever really thought about Arizona. I literally lived “next door” to Arizona for 7 years and never gave much thought to it. I literally could have made many day trips to AZ, but it just never caught my attention. It’s hard to compete with Vegas when you can make quick runs there too?!? But now, having finally made my way to this state, I totally wish I wasn’t so cliche  and attracted to the bright lights and long nights in the city of sin…

What made me change my mind? The natural beauty in Arizona. As there are plenty of amazing hikes, caves, wildlife parks that you can visit (believe me these have definitely been added to-travel list) but I had to be selective as I only had a little time left on my road trip. So, I went big, really really big and stopped at the Grand Canyon…

I have stopped typing for the last 10 minutes trying to think of a unique eloquent way to describe the canyon… but I can’t… really! The last sight that took my breath away like this when when I unexpectedly turned a corner and saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time in Paris. Now, I know you are just starting to get to know me and you haven’t heard all about my past trips, so this is new… but okay Paris was like my first love! Seriously, and seeing the Eiffel tower that night was like, the moment that Pandora’s box was opened, but like in the best way possible!


Now yes, when I first saw the Grand Canyon, yes, it was huge and amazing and way more amazing than any picture I had seen of it. But, the moment that took my breath away, was when I woke up at an ungodly hour that was still freezing because I guess the canyon hadn’t gotten the memo that it was spring yet.. But I digress, it was early, it was freezing, and here I was sitting in the dark at the ledge waiting for Mr. Sun to mozy on across the sky…


Oh my god, when he did rise… it was worth every shiver, shudder, all 10 alarms I set to get up and literally every mile I drove to get there from New York!! It was beautiful, it was so amazing, so so breathtaking.It made me feel so human, so small, like a part of the bigger picture and not the center of the universe you know? Like it was me, and these ancient rocks, this beautiful life giving star traveling across the sky and the light that travelled billions of miles to illuminate everything around me.


I also tried the sunset tour, but it didn’t compare at all, maybe it was the time of the year, the clouds that night, I am not sure. All I can say is that it was worth it to witness that. Other than that, I did have fun in at the Grand Canyon, some of restaurant were lacking, random things happened but honestly none of that mattered or changed how amazing the trip was.


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  • Nicolle Dan

    Lol at the 10 alarms you had to set, the pictures are breathtaking, I understand the feeling, will plan a visit to grand canyon one of this days…yeah definitely worth it

    • Dee

      Haha some people (like me) just need the extra help in the mornings, hahah definitely not a morning person lol

  • Jane1010

    Thank you for the info Dee.Life, this is so useful to know.

  • Samantha

    I need 10 alarms every morning, I’m such a heavy sleeper, regardless how many hours I manage to sleep, I’ve always had trouble waking up the second the alarm goes off. Grand Canyon has been on my bucket list since forever but I never managed to check it off the list, for the exact same reason as you, I always went for more adventurous/bright lights cities. Hopefully, 2017 is the year I get to see it, after visiting Nepal and Thailand this summer.

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