So when I first started considering the idea of a cross country road trip, I was looking up places to go visit and some of the places I stopped at I new I wanted to visit like New Orleans. Others, like Colonial Williamsburg caught my attention from the things I read online, but Memphis was all due to word of mouth! Now, before hearing this, I hadn’t really considered Memphis as a must visit place (sorry Memphis just being honest) but after all the rave reviews from friends, it quickly became a must visit city on my list! Even though my wallet was a little scared when looking up hotel options, I knew that I had to visit regardless!

So what did I hear that enticed me to visit? Literally every person I spoke to kept saying how much of a fun city it was, and how there just so many great restaurants everywhere with ample entertainment and attractions to keep you busy while your not eating and partying. Excitedly, I went online to book hotel reservations and to my dismay prices were around the $200-300/per night range! You should have seen my face drop, I mean I was sold on visiting and that was completely out of my budget! I checked every site, even went on Air Bnb but everything that was reasonably priced was taken! Turns out there was a festival during the dates I wanted to visit, and a few major events too BUT I didn’t know all that until I got there.  Between skipping Memphis and staying a 10 minute cab ride away from all the action, I picked the later and decided to  stay a little bit away from Downtown Memphis.

BIG MISTAKE!! Take my advice, stay in Downtown Memphis and just give your wallet a tissue to cry it out later. As I drove up to my hotel, I don’t think you can even call it a hotel… I mean this building was just like a rickety, rundown modern version of Motels you see in all the horror flicks and it was surround by a “forrest” of abandoned buildings and sketchy scenes! I wish I had pictures to show you, but I literally only stopped long enough to run to my room (passing pillars with bullet holes in them), to finally use the restroom and run back to the car and leave! I drove straight downtown and literally called every hotel I drove by until I find one and actually ended up getting a suite room for only $100 and free parking at a 3 1/2 star! So the odds actually ended up working in my favor, but save your self the hassle book early and book a nice hotel!

Where better to relieve the travel stress than the famous Beale Street in Memphis. Now I had no idea what to expect when getting to Beale street, but as I walked up to it, I new it would be a good time. Its pretty much like a block party that goes on for a few blocks with establishments providing added entertainment, strong refreshments, music and of course food! To actually get into the party blocks of Beale street you have to pass through these barrakades manned by the police by showing your ID and doing a quick purse check or pat down. Which is actually great, because it means you don’t have to show your ID at every place you walk into, it means that less transients come through and people are less likely to have anything harmful that could ruin a great night!

Passed that its an open party, you can walk into most establishments without a wait, and more importantly no cover and you can bring your drinks with you from place to place or just enjoy them on the street so it kind of reminds me of Vegas in that sense. Also because there are these frozen drinks with moonshine in them and they range in size from like ounces to these cups like 2 feet long! Its great! Or you can try a variety of fishbowls or just stick to your typical beers or cocktails either way your bound to have fun! I mean how can you not? I went from doing the Cupid Shuffle in the middle of the street with the crowd, to dancing in one of the clubs a few doors down, to eating at a great restaurant to listening to some live jazz in this little park off the street! There are just so many options, so close together you’d have to try really hard to not have fun, or be in some really uncomfortable shoes haha

Need a little fun in your life? Do yourself a favor take a quick trip to Memphis over the weekend and check out Beale street!

More about my time in Memphis coming up!

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