Dear 8 year old Dee,

How are you? I assume you are off playing outside somewhere, or walking home from school with your brother and friends? Either way, I know you are happy, and I want to tell you some things that I have learned during the last 20 years. Don’t worry if you don’t listen to me know, actually I know you probably won’t listen because you have this funny way of wanting to learn things the hard way, to really experience the lesson and life! It’s not a bad thing, necessarily… Sometimes it has made your life a little harder than it had to be, but trust me when you learn a lesson, you learn a lesson!

Okay so first thing, that happiness you have is such a jewel girl, treasure it, protect it, value it! Don’t let anyone become more important than that, and most importantly LISTEN TO IT! If it’s fading, don’t ignore it please!

On that listening note, LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!!! It’s knows things, I don’t know how, but it knows… Some wisdom has been passed down into you so respect it, and listen! Also, listen when others tell you who they are, they mean it. When they say “I typically” or “normally I “ don’t think you are the exception to the rule, I know you think you are special and you are, but it’s not your job to change people. Sure you can inspire and influence, but changing? That’s not your work, you focus on changing and improving yourself. So listen to who people tell you they are! Watch them, study how they treat those around them, because eventually when normalcy has replaced novelty, you will be treated that exact same way. And love, please listen to life’s whispers, they will guide you, you will be okay, you will always be okay. I know you are going to ask me how I know? How am I sure? I know because God built you to LAST! You were created with love mixed with purpose, faith, hope, happiness, strength and independence. You were built to last. So when you feel like you are about to break, you won’t. But when you feel this way, seek shelter, seek love, seek light and seek home.

Also, I know you have this idea of what your life will be like when you grow up, and I really admire that passion…. Just leave a little room for life’s unexpected adventures, I won’t spoil the surprises now, because they make you who you are, just leave room for the unexpected, and don’t be hard on yourself! You are exactly where you are meant to be at every moment, even failure! And for god’s sake, stop looking for prince charming, you don’t need to get married to your first, second, third or thirtieth boyfriend!! Life and love are nothing like the fairy-tales you are watching right now haha because it’s better! Why? Because it’s real, and you will learn to appreciate that!  Also don’t worry about being a tomboy, and if the boys don’t like you right away, trust me you will turn into a swan when the time is right little duckling! … Oh and on the note of loving yourself, LOVE YOURSELF, your color, your hair, your height, your weight, all of it makes you, YOU!  When your parents keep repeating the corny “you are perfect just the way you are” and “this is exactly how God made you” keep listening, keep believing because believe it or not this is all helping to build your confidence, and your unbreakable foundation…. Also listen because you truly, truly are!

Also speaking of parents, they aren’t as stupid as you think, there may be a time that you couldn’t feel further from them, and less like them, and that’s okay… Go through that, I won’t stop you, because that time gave you an experience that shaped the rest of your life… Just know in the back of your head that your family loves you more than anything in this world!! There is no other family, no person that will have your back in your life like they do!! Also, learn how to share, hahaha. You took a little long to master that trait girl, so start now!

I know how much you love honesty, so I am going to tell you this one truth…

You made a lot of mistakes kiddo, a lot!! But even in this “opportunity” I have to tell you then now, to help you avoid them, I won’t, not even if we were face to face and I had those baby big brown eyes staring back at me asking me to…. I won’t for one simple reason, they made you this woman writing to you today, your mistakes made you, just as much as your success has.

 You are amazing, and I wouldn’t change a thing, not a sleepless night spent crying, not some of the crazy decisions you made, not that feisty spirit that drives your parents crazy, nope none of it!!

Do it all, when you have the choice to take those chances, do it babe, do it with all your heart because every time you do, you grow and the woman you have grown to be is exactly who you needed to be. So my advice to you then at 8, now on the last day of 28 and when I am at 88 is, there is only one choice, live, live fully, live vulnerably, live passionately, live for today because the present really is a present, and never take that for granted!

Oh  and in your heart never grow old, regardless of how many candles you have to blow out on your cake!!  

I love you! I love you! I love you!

Oh and Happy Birthday Kiddo!


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    “ Dee is the woman behind Dee.Life, an online magazine focused on redefining your life by exploring the world. “

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  • Mitchelle M.

    So inspiring! What more advice can a mother offer to her lovely kid.. Fascinating lines.. I could read on and on… This may be coming late though but I can leave here without saying Happy Birthday to this lovely Kiddo.

    Best wishes..

  • Francesca Jake

    Great piece! Really touching. Happy Birthday Kiddo! Age with grace babe..

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