Who is Dee?

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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That and A Lot About Me ❤️

When do you define who you are going to be? Do you define this at the very beginning? For me, that was Nairobi, Kenya on the day I was born (I’m told), my Grandmother took one look at me, and told my father “I would be his medicine” and would give him a dose of of the “fun” he caused her. Needless to say, she was right! I may have caused my parents a few extra grey hairs while growing into the woman I am today…. But, I did turn out to be an adventurous, spontaneous, motivated, happy and loving person!

img_7487-420x437If we were to divide my life so far into 5 equal parts, the first part being my birth and early years are spent in Kenya –  learning, growing and doing everything babies and young children do. Surprisingly, I do have memories of home, but much of what I know is filled in by family stories, like how I would always want to go with my brother to school even though I was too young to attend, or how much I loved to play in water and by play I mean splash all the bath water out of the tub while being given baths! Even stories like how my dad would often have to drive me around in his car to fall asleep at night, a trait I still to this day have! Trust me, I make a horrible driving buddy at night, I couldn’t keep you company no matter how hard I try!

1503275_10152633315390958_2632363169656504509_n-420x420Then the second part would begin in Vancouver in beautiful British Colombia located on Canada’s lovely west coast . My family and I moved here right before I started school and some of my fondest childhood memories were formed there. My first time playing in snow, walking to school with my brother, neighborhood games of cops and robbers, being forced to come inside from playing to eat dinner.  Let’s not forget my tom-boy days in elementary school, thank goodness we didn’t take as many pictures back then as we do now haha!

50207997_00201_0168_large-420x632Act three, or part thee would start when I moved to California to finish out my high school and continue on through my college years and for the study abroad trip in paris accompanied by some eventful backpacking around Europe. Now considering, that if your reading this, you already know I love to travel… You can only imagine how much fun Paris and the 8 other countries I visited on this trip must have been! If I didn’t have the travel bug before this? Best believe I caught it bad after this!

Now act four was definitely the settling down and getting serious era. I moved to New York, got a great job at one of the top firms on Wall Street and well dedicated my life to that job. By dedicated, I mean d-e-d-i-c-a-t-e-d my life and my future to my new carear. Now this isn’t a bad thing to do, and I really really loved what I did… But, the days began to meld together, creating a repetitive and predictable cycle, the sun just didn’t shine as bright and well to be honest work life balance wasn’t even a term you were allowed to utter or even think about. Yup, that was me, I was that girl! A robotic suit just going through life waiting to start really living again when I eventually retired. Honestly, I don’t think I even noticed I was heading down this path until it hit me hard that my life, my youth and my passion was slipping away.

Which bring me to part five, the part I’m living as I write this. This is my wake up cal11245511_10152972736105958_7529639186465266278_n-copy-420x420l, my seize the moment, change my life, do what I always wanted to do, find my happiness again and start living a healthy, fulfilling, joy filled life!  Now, I can’t tell you how this will go, or even where I will be going because I’m letting life guide me…. But I can say it will be an interesting ride that I’d love to experience with you through my blog, my pictures and my videos. Let’s get out there and travel to our inner freedom!



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