Atlanta or as many fondly call it,  ATL has been capital of Georgia since 1868  and as you may not know it was founded In 1837 because two railroads were being built. The Western and Atlantic railroads came to as a zero-line or terminus (an end)  in Atlanta and thus sparking the growth and creating the city around it. Actually the city  It was first aptly named Terminus, then changed to Marthaville and later and finally  Atlanta. Another fun fact is that the 1996, Olympics Games were held in Atlanta which was a success and also brought a lot of growth to the city!

Now on to the more interesting “touristy” things … Atlanta is considered to be as a 7th most visited city of United States where 35 million people come every year. Well, the city Atlanta has much to explore and I recommend you to visit Atlanta from May to August because these are the best months to enjoy the outdoor activities and the concerts  which are plenty!  However, don’t completely rule out the spring and fall months as you get to avoid the infamous southern heat and humidity. Now if you want a very budget friendly trip, try the winter months and enjoy the deep discount hotels fee’s by traveling in off seasons gives your wallet!  

So, now you will be making up mind to visit this beautiful city with diverse features. The next and probably the most important question is WHERE TO STAY?!?!? Don’t worry  this will help you find the perfect neighborhood match for you!

Where to Stay:

The first question which comes in mind is that where we will stay? Will the staying places be according to our needs? Well, Atlanta City has various neighborhoods to consider and really where you stay depends on what will suit you best. There are three major neighborhoods that people typically are looking into Buckhead, Midtown, and Downtown Atlanta and sometimes even Decatur is considered as an option.

Let’s start with Buckhead, a neighborhood that contains the major malls, major big brand typical stores, as well as the franchise and large hotels. If shopping is a priority, then look no further, this is the neighborhood for you! Stay in one of the hotels near the shops and indulge. It is a mix of both residential and commercial location that includes many apartment and office buildings spread throughout. It is however one of those neighborhoods that have built out, rather than up so be prepared to travel a little distance to get where you need.  You may even consider renting a car to make it more accessible but this will create an added expense that may or may not be in your budget! This neighborhood once had the reputation of being the nightlife hub, but it has evolved and even though you can still find a few good bars and some good fine dining options. You can also go on a scenic drive and wander through the neighborhoods on the old iconic mansions, the Governor’s mansion and also stop at the Atlanta History Center.  Just a reference Buckhead is about 20-30 minutes metro ride on the MARTA away, and a 15 minute drive (traffic permitting) to downtown and even less to midtown.

Next is Midtown, a more pedestrian friendly area that almost encourages you to walk, stroll and get lost in. This neighborhood contains shops, residences, highrises,  businesses as well as some great restaurants and bars however unlike Buckhead, it is more unique with less of the commercialized and chain restaurants and stores. If you are looking for a more local and unique feel, then this is your place and opportunity to check out some Atlanta based business then check out the many boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and bars located in this bustling neighborhood!  Another perk to this  are is its walking proximity to Piedmont Park, Atlanta Botanical Garden, and the High Museum.  

The third popular neighborhood is Downtown, which like most “downtown” locations and is a business centers that doesn’t have many residential options and thus most atlanteans only work in the area, and head to their burroughs and the area clears out leaving the tourists to occupy the area. Downtown tends to be a little bit of a tourist trap, with chain restaurants, and the lack of locals but it can be a convenient area for some especially during big events. So for convenience to the MARTA, if you’re there for business or a big event then this is your spot!

If you are looking for something a little out of the way then you may think of staying in Decatur which is one of the more accessible suburbs and has a MARTA station to aid in getting into the city efficiently. This suburb is also home to unique boutiques and the restaurants are some of the best in the Atlanta area so it might be a good area to at least visit if you aren’t interested staying there. If you are interested in staying here, just keep in mind there are very few hotel options, so maybe look into Airbnb options and keep in mind that because it is less touristy it is also less convenient and may be a little less safe.

Well there you have it folks, a summary most of the major neighborhoods! Happy hunting and enjoy your time in vibrant Atlanta!


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  • Amelia

    I’m visiting my cousin in Atlanta in the spring and I have no clue what hotel to book. She lives in a small apartment and she just gave birth so there’s no way I can stay with her right now. She insisted but I said I already booked a hotel just to stop her from worrying about where I’ll stay. I am now checking hotels in Buckhead and both Intercontinental and Grand Hyatt look amazing, thanks for the tip, hun.

    • Dee

      No problem, glad I could help!! Thats great, I am sure you will have a great time and congratulations of your new niece or nephew!! What an exciting time to visit!! Here are a few of my favorite things in Atlanta incase you want some more ideas! https://www.dee.life/atl-favs/

      Have fun!!

    • Dee

      Anytime! I hope your trip went well and you had a great time in ATLanta with your cousin!!

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