30 Days of Positive Messages to Start 2018 RIGHT!!




To help start 2018 off right, we would like to offer you 30 days of Free POSITIVE TEXTS directly to your phone.

  • Why 30 Days? Because some research out there says it takes 21 days to create a habit, so we added 7 more days to make EXTRA sure you get in the habit of thinking positively for 2018!
  • Why Texts? Because it’s easy to check, it’s direct and it doesn’t get lost inside your ever growing inbox. (seriously though, I have to clean mine up)
  • Who is it for? You and anyone you think needs a little extra light in their life (feel free to share the link, sharing is still caring even, if it’s just digitally!) 
  • What do you need to do? Sign up for it right here, answer a few quick questions and wait in suspense until January 1st 2018!
  • Why is it free? Because the best things in life are, duh! And because it feels great to give! (** By free we mean that we won’t charge you, but your carrier might, but I know you have unlimited texting though right? so YAY!) 
  • What to Expect? Light, Love, Positive Messages, Relevant Images and Links! (I just made all these start with capital letters for effect, I hope it worked!)


Hate Spam? Don’t worry so do we! We promise not to overload you and we will keep all your information safe <3.

*US Numbers only (for now). We fully intend on going international, but everything starts at home first.

**Carrier fees/charges may apply, because well we don’t know the phone plan your on! But what’s a couple extra texts?


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